Fees, terms and payments

How does Wayflyer funding work?

Wayflyer provides funding to eCommerce companies which is then paid back using a percentage of your daily revenue.

For every funding offer, there are three terms to be aware of;

  • The Funding Amount - this is the funding you will receive from Wayflyer (for example; $100,000)
  • The Fee - A fee is applied to the total amount of funding you get, this is normally a percentage. It is typically between 2% and 8% but all depends on your business.
    In this example, let’s say it’s 4%. So, if you take $100,000 of funding, at a 4% fee, the fee will be $4,000. This means the total amount to be repaid to Wayflyer will be $104,000(The Funding Amount + the Fee). This is not an interest rate.
  • The Repayment Rate - this is the percentage of your daily sales which will be used to repay Wayflyer. Again, the actual percentage used all depends on your business, but for this example, let’s say it’s 12%. Therefore, 12% of your online sales will be sent to Wayflyer each day until the $104,000 is repaid.
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Are there any other fees?


We like to keep things simple and we hate surprises. Signing up and applying for funding is completely free. There are no origination fees, no annual fees, no monthly maintenance fees, no documentation fees, no interest rates and no other hidden fees.

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How are the funding offers generated?

Funding offers are based on several factors, including your financial performance and historic marketing performance. The more revenue you generate and the better your marketing performance, the more funding that will be available to you.

We will always generate a number of funding offers for you, allowing you to choose the one that works best for your needs.

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How long does it take to repay Wayflyer funding?

Most funding is repaid within 6 months. Actual timing depends on how much funding you take, the Repayment Rate and your online sales. If you choose a higher repayment rate, you will repay the full amount quicker than if you had a lower repayment rate. 

Also, if your sales increase, you will repay the total amount quicker.

If your sales slow down, then you will repay Wayflyer at a slower rate.

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Can I make early repayments?

Yes. You can make manual payments toward your balance at any time and there is no charge or penalty for early repayment. If you wish to do this, contact your Customer Success Manager.

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Will I get better terms if I've worked with Wayflyer before?

Typically, yes. Once you have worked with us for a while, we get to know your business better. If your business is growing and performing well, you will usually be able to get more funding and at even better terms.

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Where does Wayflyer funding come from?

The funding is provided directly by Wayflyer and your contract will be with Wayflyer. There are no 3rd parties involved.

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How do repayments work?

Each day, repayments are made from your bank account to Wayflyer by an Automated Clearing House (ACH) Pull or a Direct Debit depending on your country. 

This amount is calculated each day by multiplying the Repayment Rate in your contract by the Sales collected through your online store that day. 

Therefore, the amount varies in line with your sales.The ACH pull (Direct Debit) continues until the total amount is repaid.

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What is my primary payment account?

This is the bank account to which we send the funding and take repayments from. You may have multiple bank accounts on file but you can only have one primary payment account with Wayflyer.

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How do I change my primary account?

If you would like to change the account where funds are deposited, contact us at support@wayflyer.com

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